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The average active-shooter situation lasts 12.5 minutes. The average police response time is 16 minutes.


One of the scariest and most feared situations is the one that is becoming more commonplace in our news every single day.

The active shooter.

Whether it’s an active shooter in a school, church, or workplace, it’s a worst-case scenario.
Our Active-Shooter Preparedness & Response Training is taught and led by our Vistelar Certified Instructor Team.
90 minutes workshops and 4-hour training are available for local schools, churches, workplaces, and community groups.
Training can include:

  • Facility Assessment

  • Preparing an Active Shooter Response Plan

  • Understanding the Response Needs

  • Gun Disarmament

  • Firearm Basics (Pistol & Rifle)

  • Immediate a& Self-Aid

  • Assisting Others to Safety

  • Tactical Movement

  • Proper Response to the Police

  • Escaping, Barricading, and Defending Tactics

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