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About Us

Hope For Healing Scars is a 501c3 nonprofit located in Birmingham, AL created to be a positive force within our community through multiple endeavors and modes of impact.


The mission of Hope For Healing Scars is to provide skills, knowledge, trainings, support and events to make our community safer, more positive and a happier place to pursue the potential in each of us. 

Hope For Healing Scars offers a variety of services and support like:

  • Self-defense & Personal Protection Seminars & Training for small to large groups

  • Women’s Self-Defense Classes & Courses

  • Active Shooter Preparedness & Response Training & Workshops

  • Youth Tae Kwon Do Classes for special circumstance situations 

  • Magic of Music Resources 

  • Recognizing youth and members of our community in special ways

Along with training & services Hope For Healing Scars hosts multiple fundraising events for community involvement like:

  • Hope For Healing Scars Board Break-a-Thon (in conjunction World Class Tae Kwon Do)

  • Hope For Healing Scars Charity Golf Tournament

  • Hope For Healing Scars Youth Safety and Bully-Proof Class



For more than 12 years, Justin & Jessica Scarsella have owned and operated successful Tae Kwon Do schools actively teaching more than 600 students from ages 4-74. Master Justin Scarsella has been teaching martial arts for 24 years and has worked with tens of thousands of students in Tae Kwon Do, self-defense, personal development, fitness, and health.
Since the Scarsella’s have owned World Class Tae Kwon Do, they’ve always made it part of their mission to give back to the community in special ways - from running free community events, self-defense seminars, and using Board Break-a-thons to raise more than $100,000 for local charities!
This is how Hope For Healing Scars was born! They wanted to make even more of a direct impact into what their community needed outside of what their Tae Kwon Do school’s were teaching. They wanted to impact more people in better ways! Hope For Healing Scars is about empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves by learning skills, gaining knowledge and taking part positive impact training! Skill and trainings range from Runner group Self-defense classes, to church personal protection trainings, to Active Shooter Preparedness and Response workshops, to learning to use music to calm our soul and mind!
Hope For Healing Scars is a 501c3 Non-profit that allows donations to be 100% tax deductible. Your donations allow us to get involved with more schools, camps, churches, work places, and offer more community events.
Hope For Healing Scars also operated and host multiple fundraising events which are fun and beneficial for the community like the Hope For Healing Scars Board Break-a-Thon and Hope For Healing Scars Charity Golf Tournament!


  • We believe there is so much good in this world and sometimes it just needs a place to shine
  • We believe some skills should be learned with the hope you never need to use them

  • We believe individuals have the right to pursue the potential greatness within themselves

  • We believe in the positive ripples that self-improvement can have in a community 

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